Ivan Ivanchuk Small blog about software.

About me

I’m Ivan Ivanchuck(Russian: Иван Иванчук), software developer Update! I have been a Java Team Lead since August 2023. Update again! I have been a Kotlin developer at Samokat.tech.

Well, as a software developer, I have to write code, and I do it. As you can see, I write preferably in Java, sometimes in Ruby. Also in Rust, but so far my knowledge is too small to say that I am a Rust programmer. Also you can check out my work enviroment.

My main activity is contributing to open source projects: Objectionary, EO-CQRS. Also I have my own projects. Perhaps you will also find them interesting. Therefore, you are always welcome to send pull request!

I study at the university. I’m majoring in software engineering. My free time is filled with reading books and watching various IT conferences. As for entertainment, I am fond of volleyball and playing the guitar.


Why l3r8y? It’s just leroy, but it’s crumpled, why leroy? I find this old video funny

I forgot to tell you, I’m colorblind, don’t be mad at my drawings ;)